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Cell-Level Healing Where Science and Spirit Meet

For everyone.

Discover the healer you were meant to be and your innate ability to move energy to heal yourself and others. Join Joyce Hawkes, a research-biophysicist turned healer, and Helen Folsom, a musician, hypnotherapist, and healing facilitator, as they unpack the science and mystery of healing, illuminating the inner workings of your miraculous body and all it does to keep you alive.

In this program, you

  • See inside the body through electron microscope images, many of them taken by Joyce
  • Learn how to heal yourself and others
  • Sing, move, meditate, and honor your own unique healing journeys.

This lively, hands-on program offers information about specific conditions and how to work with them, and includes time-honored practices that awaken and enliven the body, refresh the mind, and nourish you on all levels.

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