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Chakras, Charge, and the Energy Body


Are you interested in learning about energy healing? Do you want to understand how energy flows through the chakras? 

Become a master of your own energy body in this five-day program with psychologist, yoga teacher, and chakra expert Anodea Judith. Anodea takes you on a journey of experiencing, and working with, your unique energy body and shows you how to release blockages and harvest your "charge"—another term for the prana, chi, or the lifeforce within.

Through yoga, bioenergetics, and signature chakra therapy techniques, explore

  • The basics of charge and how it works with your inner psychology ​
  • How each of the chakras handles charge and how to diagnose blockages
  • The uses of charge to work with trauma in yourself or others 
  • Exercises for charging and discharging to address and balance anxiety and depression
  • Ways to harvest your charge for greater awareness and well-being.

Expand into, rather than jump over, your comfort zone and return home with techniques to balance the chakras for greater overall health. 

Note This program counts toward certification in the Sacred Centers Certification Program.  

Included in Your Stay

Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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All Yoga

Chakras, Charge, and the Energy Body - June 2023


Anodea Judith, PhD, an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, yoga instructor, body-oriented psychotherapist, and author, is founder and director of the Sacred Centers teaching organization.

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