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Changes and Transitions in Your 50s and 60s Finding Clarity and Well-Being

For everyone in their 50s and 60s.
The one constant in life is change. How well you navigate change has a direct impact on the degree of well-being, purpose, and satisfaction you experience every day. If you are considering a big change, find yourself in the midst of one now, or are still feeling the effects of a past transition, this weekend offers personal understanding and tools to set a well-considered course for the next phase of your life.

Change naturally brings up concerns, fears, and questions that can lead to confusion, lack of motivation, or poor decisions. In this program, you learn skills and strategies to effectively respond to the challenges of change. Phillip Moffitt helps you

  • Discover which areas of your life need attention, gaining insights on your strengths and challenges, and beginning to strategize about next steps
  • Break habits of mind that undermine you, with practices to disengage from their influence
  • Identify your values and intentions so you have a basis for making wise decisions.

Receive guidance from Phillip as he shares his knowledge, time-tested mindfulness practices, and principles about the nature of change in human life, focusing on the specific challenges and opportunities that arise in your 50s and 60s. Expect a weekend full of dynamic inquiry and the opportunity to learn essential life skills so you can meet changes and transitions with clarity, authenticity, and confidence.

What You’ll Experience

  • Strategies to skillfully respond to change
  • Time-tested self-assessments
  • Mindfulness practices to disengage from undermining habits

Note Please bring a notebook and pen. Wear comfortable clothing as there will be a few periods of mindful movement.

Recommended reading Phillip Moffitt, Emotional Chaos to Clarity.


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Phillip Moffitt occupies a unique position in the world of mindful living and leadership. With the astute business acumen honed during his years as a media entrepreneur combined with the deep wisdom about inner development cultivated over the past 30 years as a meditation practitioner and teacher, Phillip brings unparalleled insights and strategic vision to people seeking authentic, purposeful lives.

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Patricia Johnson, MS, LCSW, is a licensed therapist with more than 30 years of professional experience working and guiding individuals, couples, and groups.

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