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Chemistry of Connection

Connection begins within, then radiates out to create a greater sense of interconnection at every level. This unique program mixes lecture, meditation, group work, and horse whispering to explore the inner, interpersonal, and interspecies dimensions that can help us turn toward a greater awareness and compassion in relationships of all kinds.

Tara Bennett-Goleman integrates Eastern and Western psychologies and practices to transform modes that separate us into patterns that connect us, while Daniel Goleman offers scientific findings from social neuroscience on empathy and relationships. Aaron Wolf shares methods for conflict transformation and effective communication skills, and RJ Sadowski, Jr., demonstrates the principles of horse whispering, offering a powerful model for building trust and security in relationships.

Chemistry of Connection Through Dance
Saturday, June 6
7:30–9:00 pm
Join Indian kathak dancer Seema Mehta and tap dancer Jason Samuel Smith for an evening of dance, collaboration, and demonstration of the power of connection through the universal language of rhythm.
Open to all in-house guests.

About the Evening Event
Emmy award-winning tap artist Jason Samuels Smith joins award-winning dancer Seema-Mehta in a high energy collaboration of kathak and tap dance. At the heart of this work lies improvisation which keeps the audience at the edge of their seats.

About the Horses
Star has helped humans gain confidence. He is a willing guided partner and a teacher to both humans and horses. With his giving heart, he is perfectly attuned for connection.
Red Cloud, with his calm, quiet demeanor, is ideally suited as a confidence-booster. He inspires humans toward self-improvement and relationship-building through emotional rehabilitation.

Note Participants will observe demos with Star and Red Cloud; no riding required. The horses are featured in one of the four program sessions. 

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Tara Bennett-Goleman, MA, is a teacher, psychotherapist, and author of the New York Times best-seller Emotional Alchemy and also of Mind Whispering.

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Daniel Goleman, PhD, brought the concept of emotional intelligence to a global audience and for many years reported on behavior and the brain in the New York Times.

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Aaron Wolf is a water resource scientist at Oregon State University and a trained mediator who directs the Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation.

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RJ Sadowski, Jr., is a professional horseman who draws on his method of HorseMindShip™ to demonstrate the principles of horse whispering.

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Star helps humans gain confidence with his calm spirit. He is a willing guided partner and a teacher to both humans and horses. With his giving heart, he is perfectly attuned for connection.

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Red Cloud uses his calm, quiet demeanor as a confidence-booster. Red Cloud demonstrates how positive changes and self-awareness in each of us will open the door to a strong connection.

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