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The Colors of Nourishment Cooking, Yoga, and Energy Work

For everyone.

Deepen your understanding of how to use colorful and delicious ingredients for optimal health, energy, and flavor. In a program that includes demonstrations of innovative recipes, you learn

  • What the colors of your foods mean
  • The health benefits of each color
  • Why superfoods are colored
  • Health and healing strategies based on color.

Learn how to nourish your three health treasures: qi, to strengthen immunity and energy flow; shen, to improve presence and shine with radiance; and jing, to increase primordial life force and life span. Emrys Tetu also leads asana practice to prepare mind, body, and spirit for new ideas and actions that rejuvenate your health and vitality.

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David “Avocado” Wolfe is the rock star of the superfoods and longevity universe. A gourmet chocolatier, organic farmer, beekeeper, and vanilla grower, David offers expert advice on health, beauty, herbs, nutrition, and chocolate.

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Emrys Tetu teaches Decadent Wellness, the art of being luxuriously alive.

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