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Coming Home to the Body A Continuum Workshop

For everyone.

Renew, restore, and increase your vitality by exploring the fluid nature of the body. Just as the earth blossoms each spring, the body is an endless resource of unfolding possibilities. Each person’s unique path of embodiment is the expression of an ancient planetary process.

In Continuum, you learn a universal language of biologically based movement incorporating breath and sounding practices that initiate personal movement explorations. Experience how the body is in a dynamic conversation and relationship with all of life. Robin Becker teaches you how to discover restoration from within and reclaim your ever-present birthright of fluid potential.

Appropriate and safe for everyone at all movement levels, this program investigates how the evolving flow of the body informs and benefits other movement practices, including shiatsu, massage, yoga, dance—and life itself.

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Robin Becker, MA, RSME, teacher, dancer, and founder of Robin Becker Dance, studied Continuum with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper for 26 years, and was selected to teach in 2001.

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