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Creating an Inner Sanctuary


Symbolism and mythology are the means by which we make sense of the world and our place in it. By engaging in these aspects of yoga’s spiritual traditions, we can create an inner sanctuary.

Join yoga teacher and musician, Nichol Chase, along with founder of The Mazé Method, Noah Mazé for an intentional practice that combines yoga, mindfulness, music, and more. Learn to

  • Expand your awareness
  • Passionately commit to what is meaningful to you
  • Become more open to learning and insights
  • Take powerful action in your life.

Tap into the richness of traditions that influence modern yoga and explore what this means in relation to your own personal story. Bring a journal, an open and curious mind, an engaged and courageous heart, and the somatic storehouse of your body.  

Note The presenters do not ascribe to any particular philosophy. Nichol and Noah are educators who advocate only for sound decision making. They will not ask or expect you to believe in anything or anyone other than yourself. 

Preview the Sessions

November 4 The Yoga of Equanimity
A  vinyasa style class that will challenge and bolster your equanimity in an up temp sequence of sun salutations, linked balance poses and inversion variations. 
November 5

The Yoga of Devotion
Arm balance peak poses, core and shoulder strengthening, hip opening, and a passionate call to rise to your greatest possibilities of heartfelt commitment.  
The Yoga of Insight
Forward bends, hip openers, twists, and meditation to conspire to bring you ever more deeply into your own embodied wisdom.
The Yoga of Daily Life
Journaling and conversation followed by a creative vinyasa practice and the soothing sounds of harmonium and voice.  

November 6 The Yoga of Action
A steady and skillful sequence that builds strength and includes backbending peak postures.

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Daily Yoga & Meditation Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to More Than 100 Acres

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Nichol Chase is a teacher, musician, and yogi for whom singing and movement is integral to life. Her artistic experience includes more than a decade of Royal Academy ballet training and specialization as an operatic coloratura soprano.

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Noah Mazé, cofounder of The Mazé Method, has devoted himself to the subject of yoga, and creating pathways for teachers to continue their learning and cultivation of skill and voice.

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