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Creating Your Personal Spiritual Compass


When we begin a journey and become lost, a compass puts us back on our path. Join spiritual mentors Shannon Chada and Shawn Stevens and learn how to discover, define, and create your own unique spiritual compass from within. Using the four cardinal directions as a guide, Shannon and Shawn will take you on a personal journey of the East, South, West, and North to help you

  • Explore your own unique spiritual tools
  • Pave a unique path of self-spiritual discovery
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and the earth
  • Brighten your awareness of your place within the sacred circle of life.  

The purpose of a compass is to not only give one direction but to help find one's location. This program intends to help you create your own specialized compass to bring about more awareness and clarity in life, and bring forth what you seek.  

Note This program is inspired by Native American numerology and teachings.  

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Session 1  East: Sunrise, spring, birth/childhood, fire, fresh starts, and new beginnings, mental health  

Session 2 South: Summer, mid-day, youth/adolescence, growth, strength, earth, nurturing, physical health

Session 3 West: Autumn, evening, maturity/adulthood/parenthood, harvest, water, ancestors, emotional health

Session 4 North: Winter, night, elder/grandparents, wisdom, air/wind, spiritual health, restoration, reflection, self-care

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Shannon Chada, Founder and Lead Spiritual Facilitator, serves the Full Circle Harmony community with fun and inspirational opportunities for personal growth. ​

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Shawn Stevens (Red Eagle), a member of the Stockbridge Munsee Band of Mohicans, is a Native American culturalist, artist, musician, and ceremonial helper.

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