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Dance of Liberation Kabbalah and Embodied Physical Understanding of the Self

For everyone.

Kabbalah Centre founder Karen Berg invites you to awaken your spiritual vision, so you can experience the light that exists in all things. Parashakti, founder of Dance of Liberation, leads dance that creates a home for your newly awakened consciousness. Together, they blend ancient mystical teachings with the embodied physical understanding of the Self. WHAT YOU’LL EXPERIENCE
• Dance
• Lectures
• Group process

Dance of LiberationTM is a seven-step guide to a life of joy, vitality, and purpose, supporting deep soul work, the shedding of inhibitions, and heightened inner awareness. Dancers are blindfolded and step beyond conscious fears and limitations, allowing their innermost creativity to break free.

Kabbalah’s ancient wisdom describes the physical and spiritual laws of the universe, including discussion of creation, the purpose of life, and the soul’s journey in this physical dimension. In a world of fragmentation and separation, Kabbalah can assist in removing the veils, so you can find unity within, with others, and with the light force of creation.

Through meditation, group process, gentle yoga, lectures, dance, nature walks, fire ceremony, breathwork, art work, and journaling, you learn skills and teachings of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional growth and evolution. Come explore the meaning and power of identifying your neshama, or soul call.

Recommended reading Karen Berg, Finding the Light Through the Darkness.

Note Bring a notebook or journal to write in, one cherished object, and a sacred gift-wrapped offering that might be a rock, crystal, written poem, or anything else you’d like to offer as a gift in the closing ceremony. Wear comfortable clothes to dance in and bring white attire for the closing ceremony.

“This is the most powerful work I’ve done. I feel present in my body and show up with more of me.” —Program participant

“It is astounding to me what Karen Berg is able to accomplish. Because of her dedication and vision, the wisdom of Kabbalah is available to assist all of humanity in every corner of the world.” —Neil L.

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Karen Berg, founder of the Kabbalah Centre, is devoted to making Kabbalah understandable, relevant, and available to everyone, without exclusion.

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Parashakti is both the subject and coproducer of the documentary Dance of Liberation and has been featured in LA Yoga, Newsweek, Time Out NY, and the Jerusalem Post.

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