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Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong Mindfulness in Movement

For all levels.

Dayan Qigong is a series of fluid movements that improves well-being by opening blockages in the acupuncture meridians to promote the flow of healthy energy. This not only complements sitting meditation, but also helps you find stillness even while moving. Like mindfulness, it takes the scattered pieces of your actions and awareness and brings them back to wholeness.

Dayan is one of the most comprehensive forms of qigong. In addition to the movements, it includes warm-ups, acupressure self-massage, and sitting. It can easily be integrated into a busy life: practicing Dayan Qigong 15–20 minutes a day can help you

  • Integrate body and mind through wu-wei, or effortless effort
  • Find your center in each moment
  • Experience greater ease and joy
  • Be fully present.

Learn this simple practice that engages your whole being to restore balance in your daily life. Let qigong become a lifelong friend in your search for happiness, a sense of connection, and vibrant health.

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Robert Meikyo Rosenbaum, PhD, is a clinical neuropsychologist, psychotherapist, and Zen and qigong teacher. His books include Walking the Way and What’s Wrong with Mindfulness?

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