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Deep Play for Kids Mandalas and Memories

For kids ages 6–12.

Kids, dive right into the joy of play in a program overflowing with experiences that build confidence and community, and encourage exploration into your limitless potential. In this fun program, you

  • Learn about the power of positive thinking and setting intentions
  • Discover “time in” through the creation and use of “meditation jars” each child can bring home
  • Explore the outdoors as you gather beautiful objects to build a giant mandala
  • Use yoga props to create “Meditation Island,” a place to go when you need to take a few breaths, write, draw, or chill
  • Practice simple yoga movements, breathing, relaxation techniques, and guided visualization.

Parents, this program supports kids in learning the best ways to navigate through life. Being at Kripalu with your child creates a foundation to explore health and wellness together.

Note Children in this program must be accompanied at Kripalu by a parent or adult who is registered for a program or Kripalu R&R. Kids meet for morning and afternoon sessions while parents are in their programs. Families are together at mealtimes, in the evenings, and overnight.

More information about children and teens at Kripalu.

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Missy Brown, E-RYT, is an experienced yoga teacher and wellness educator who combines her love of children and yoga in age-appropriate programs for kids.

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