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Developing Your Intuitive Mind

For everyone.

Learn the tips, tricks, and tools needed to become more intuitive in all areas of your life. If you’ve ever thought of someone just before they called or known something was going to happen before it did, you experienced a moment of intuition. Thomas John teaches you to cultivate and use that intuition and discover how to

  • Ground and protect yourself in daily life so that you aren’t exposed to unwanted energies
  • See your aura and the auras of others
  • Connect with departed loved ones and understand the dynamics of receiving messages from them
  • Recognize signs and symbols from the Other Side
  • Communicate with your higher self.

Thomas will also demonstrate his ability to connect with spirits and give readings to some participants. 

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Thomas John is a global psychic sensation who has wowed audiences with his impressively accurate messages from “the other side.”

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