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Digesting Life’s Experiences to Nurture Your Radiance

For everyone.

Poorly digested experiences, like poorly digested food, can leave a toxic imprint that limits our ability to stay present in the moment and fully appreciate life. According to yogic teachings, these residues habitually gain density and manifest in emotional and physical discomfort and, eventually, illness. In this transformative program, learn how to cultivate a meditative mind and deep presence to digest the imprints of life.

Using an Ayurvedic model of understanding, come explore how to

  • Deconstruct and redirect the energy of illness and suffering
  • Move to create physical and energetic well-being
  • Foster and strengthen your loving presence
  • Experience life with awareness and enthusiasm.

Through Kundalini Yoga meditations and the power of presence, suffering falls away as your birthright of health, radiance, and love reemerges.

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ShamRang Singh Khalsa, MD, is a physician, Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer, minister, and meditator who teaches Ayurvedic mind-body liberation from physical and emotional suffering.

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Arjan Kaur Khalsa is an inspired spiritual counselor, and teacher who offers personal readings and intuitive healing sessions that awaken people to their own divinity and purpose.

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