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Doorways to the Self A Luminary School Leadership Training for Yoga Teachers

For yoga teachers, prospective yoga teachers, and serious students at any level of yoga and meditation.

Consistent practice with intention and a quality of heart always brings us into contact and right-relationship with our essential Self. This program is an immersion in physical practice and self-reflection aimed at shifting us from physical, mental, and emotional patterns of distortion and dissonance to resonance and connection.

Through asana practice, subtle body alignment, and meditation, we uncover and stimulate the release of radiant energy in order to cultivate consistency in our physical and emotional stability. Using breath practice and meditation, we expose and clear expressions of dense emotions and focus their energy in a love-based approach for greater clarity of mind. Daily lectures and group discussions on acceptance, presence, and allowance create a doorway to the Self that is connected, knowing, and whole.

Elena Brower and Ally Bogard have more than 30 years of teaching, coaching, and practical experience between them. They work together with deep reverence for all traditions of yoga, wellness, and spirituality, embodying a teaching style that emphasizes accessible approaches to living one’s practice.

This program may be taken as part of Kripalu’s 1000-Hour Yoga Teacher Training or as a standalone program.

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Elena Brower, mother, author, yoga teacher, and speaker, is recognized internationally for her expertise in offering practices to approach the world with realistic reverence.

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Ally Bogard is a New York City-based yoga and meditation teacher. Her teaching style is detailed as well as exploratory in physical alignment and subtle body awareness.

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