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Dream Yoga

For all levels; including beginners.

Lucid dreaming and dream yoga can transform your nights into a profound opportunity to explore the nature of mind and reality—and have fun doing it. This program provides a thorough introduction to nocturnal meditation, including its many physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits. It explores the science behind lucid dreaming, the stages of sleep, and basic tenets like good sleep hygiene, strong dream recall, and daytime practices that induce lucidity. Andrew Holecek also explains additional tools, such as natural supplements that heighten dreams, electronic aids that wake you up to your dreams, and the latest apps.

Lucid dreaming leads to lucid living. The insights cultivated during the night can be used to transform your days. Learn how to manage common obstacles to lucid dreaming, how to banish insomnia, and ways to reduce nightmares. Through talks, meditations, discussion groups, and videos, you learn methods for inducing lucid dreams and using them to enhance your life.

Recommended reading Andrew Holecek, Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep.

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Andrew Holecek has completed a traditional three-year Buddhist meditation retreat and offers seminars internationally on meditation and dream yoga.

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