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The Embodied Practitioner Reclaim Your Own Body Trust

For everyone interested in facilitating healing between people and their bodies.

Sweeten your relationship with your body while improving your efficacy as a body-positive practitioner. When you view your body in a connected, trusting, and compassionate way, you can more effectively help people who struggle with disordered eating or internalized body shame.

This safe and collegial retreat offers helping professionals the opportunity to

  • Increase understanding of their body’s story through the Body Trust® approach
  • Use discussions, readings, art activities, and gentle, body-centered practices to move between self as provider and self as body
  • Learn how to address weight bias and become an advocate for radical acceptance of ALL bodies
  • Identify and engage in compassionate, body-positive self-care practices that can be used in professional settings.

Healing body dissatisfaction is a valuable and often elusive aspect of holistic wellness. Learn to move beyond size bias and optimize your potential to deliver a weight-neutral, body-positive intervention.


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Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC, therapist and cofounder of Be Nourished, supports movement toward a compassionate model of self-care to heal body shame.

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Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD, is a dietitian, motivational interviewing trainer, speaker, and writer who helps people heal body shame and reclaim Body Trust®.

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