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For all therapists.

Research shows that how we experience our bodies impacts how we process sensations and memories, and how we heal from traumatic events. Verbally-oriented therapists may wonder how to introduce embodied awareness into work with clients. Join Licia Sky and learn to follow the rhythms—of breath, heartbeat, footsteps, vocal expression, gesture, and conversation—and come into synchrony—attunement, alignment, proximity, safety, engagement, meaning making, and play. Explore exercises that guide attention to nonverbal awareness of physical sensations, orientation, attraction, and our split second impulses and unconscious choices about relevance and safety.

As therapists, our own body awareness is an important barometer to track the states of both our clients and ourselves within each session. Licia discusses and demonstrates how this awareness affects the therapeutic container—the safety and ability to be present with what emerges within the session. Based on the upcoming book, The Body Keeps the Score Workbook, this program offers an array of non-verbal, experiential exercises drawn from theater, guided focusing, dance, meditation, yoga, bodywork, and Embodied Voice.

This experiential program can be taken alone or as a follow-up to the weekend didactic workshop, The Body Keeps the Score. Bessel van der Kolk joins the group on Monday morning for an overview of the neuroscience of embodied experience.

Special Savings!

Combine Embodied-Self-Experience with The Body Keeps the Score, January 4–6, for a 10 percent tuition discount for each program; call to register.

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Licia Sky, LMT, BFA, is a singer-songwriter, artist, musician, and intuitive bodywork therapist who fosters safe, transformative experiences through music, movement, and touch.

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Bessel van der Kolk, MD, is medical director of the Trauma Center in Boston and author of the New York Times best-seller The Body Keeps the Score.

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