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Embody Love Yoga Transform Your Relationship to Your Body From the Inside Out

For women 18 and over.

Learn to use the tools of yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy to develop a compassionate and accepting relationship with your body. Uncover and maintain a positive body image in a program that teaches you to

  • Create a supportive internal dialogue about your body and the way you treat it
  • Sit with and through discomfort and put words to negative emotions
  • Connect your hunger and satiety signals to your eating behavior, so you can remain in integrity with your relationship to food
  • Recognize the origins of negative body image and lack of self-acceptance
  • Experience yourself as already enough, without the need to change.

Using yoga practice, yogic philosophy, processing, journaling, and meditation, Melody Moore provides a new lens through which to connect with and accept your body. 

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Transform your Body Image from the Inside Out at Kripalu


Melody Moore, PhD, RYT, founder of Embody Love Movement and a social entrepreneur, is a licensed clinical psychologist, yoga teacher, and author committed to empowering women.

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