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Embrace Your Inner World Transform Your Relationship with Your Self and Others

For everyone.

Connect to your full humanity by diving below the surface and really listening to your internal conversations. Go beneath the words of your inner critic and other parts of your psyche, and you begin to understand their positive intent. They may be trying to protect you, keep you safe, or contribute to your well-being. When each part of you feels seen, heard, and understood, you can relax, expanding your capacity for self-compassion. In turn, you can deepen your compassion for the important people in your life and transform your relationships.

Learn how to use Nonviolent Communication to empathize with the feelings and needs of each member of your internal committee. As you actively bring parts of yourself into the light, embracing the positive intention of each, your whole self moves into alignment.

Recommended reading Martha Lasley, Facilitating with Heart; Martha Lasley, et al., Coaching for Transformation.

Note Please watch this short video about Embracing Your Inner World before the program.

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Martha Lasley, MBA, PCC, a founder of Leadership that Works, helps people experience the alchemy of shifting blame and judgment into compassion and love.

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Kanya Likanasudh, MDiv, combines meditation, body awareness, Nonviolent Communication, Embracing the Shadow, the Integral Approach, and Process Work to deepen learning.

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Marc Weiner is an actor, puppeteer, and creator of the Empathy Labyrinth, a tool to help people foster joyful empathic heart-to-heart connections.

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