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Empowering the Empath

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Empathy is one of the most profound and extraordinary psychic experiences, but it can also be confusing to engage in. Human beings are naturally sensitive and easily take on the emotions of others. As a result, we tend to either remain emotionally vulnerable most of the time, or protect ourselves by turning off our sensitivity entirely.

  • Healing color meditations
  • Empowering introspection
  • Energy management

Take charge of your energy in this program taught by renowned color intuitive, cosmic life coach, and Hay House author Dougall Fraser. In an interactive weekend that includes color affirmations, healing meditations, and other practical exercises, you learn how to

  • Turn your empathy on and off depending on your needs, accessing energy when you want to, and decreasing your sensitivity when necessary
  • Energetically clear a space so you can enjoy being at home, at the office, a party, or engaging in social interactions
  • Develop a healthy exchange of energy within relationships, exploring tools that remind you of the importance of self-care and sharing
  • Let it go, practicing simple and easy techniques to identify when someone else’s energy is misplaced onto you, and how to release it.

Dougall begins by examining the concept of sensitivity from all sides, including why its benefits can turn into hindrances if not managed. He looks at how empaths are often conditioned to believe that they are “too sensitive,” how to overcome the chronic shyness and loneliness that often accompanies highly empathic people, and how color can help in turning empathy off and on.

One of the most challenging parts of being a sensitive person is the feeling of having someone’s energy linger with you for longer than you would like. Dougall introduces the techniques he personally uses to release thoughts and feelings related to an experience with another person. With plenty of time for in-depth Q&A and intuitive guidance from Dougall, this program also includes practice connecting with and disconnecting from the energy of others.

After taking several of Dougall Fraser’s courses, I want to shout from the rooftops how wonderful the experiences have been! His knowledge, personal stories, open heart, humor, warmth, and tone of voice all greatly enrich the experience of learning from him. —MJ Derhak

Working with Dougall Fraser is like finding your true north. Dougall’s keen insight as well as his practical and actionable advice will illuminate the best course every time. After working with Dougall, my career (and life!) has taken off by leaps and bounds. This class is a must for anyone looking to move forward in all of life’s directions with clarity and confidence.” —Licia M., writer, psychic, and coach

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Dougall Fraser is an internationally recognized intuitive who specializes in interpreting the colors he sees around others. With more than 20 years of professional experience in seeing auras, Dougall demonstrates how color can be used to improve specific aspects of life.

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