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Empowerment Through Posture Restoring Natural Poise and Confidence

For everyone; no experience necessary.

Having arrived on the planet without a user’s manual, we depend on our culture to help us develop healthy movement and posture habits. In modern times, however, this cultural support has not only eroded, but has become counterproductive, with common posture cues—“chin up, chest out” and “sit up straight”—that undermine rather than support our structural integrity.

Building postural strength not only cultivates greater balance and poise, but it also promotes qualities such as relaxation, openness, and adaptability. Using posture as a springboard, Esther Gokhale teaches hands-on techniques that help you

  • Eradicate unnecessary pain
  • Attune more deeply to your bodymind
  • Examine the connection between physical well-being and emotional empowerment.

Return home with a clear understanding of how to restore your body’s natural wisdom and confidence.

Note Wear comfortable clothing that allows unrestricted movement.

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Esther Gokhale, creator of the Gokhale Method, sees her mission as providing posture and movement re-education to help people eradicate unnecessary pain.

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