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The Enneagram and the Inner Critic A Deeper Dive in Heart Healing

For everyone.

Deepen your awareness of the inner critic and its insidious intrusions in your life. Working with a variety of tools, Michael Naylor teaches you to identify and unravel the Enneagram type-specific-ways the inner critic interrupts and interferes with your capacity to love yourself and others and to step courageously into the full expression of your gifts and capacities.

In this hands-on program, you learn

  • How your Enneagram type-specific inner critic patterns and other acquired inner critic messages cause unconscious suffering
  • Practices to consciously sense your inner critic and weaken or dismantle its power
  • Ways to access your own essential nature and discern the difference between the voice of inner wisdom and the shaming, blaming, heart-wounding inner critic voice.

Return home with practical skills and techniques to assist you in relaxing your learned habit of listening to the inner critic’s voice and compassionately respond to its messages. As you come to appreciate the magnitude of the inner critic’s force in the lives of those you love and in your own life, your heart will  open to more freely give and receive love.

Recommended reading Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, The Wisdom of the Enneagram or Understanding the Enneagram; or reading from Michael Naylor’s website or blog.

Note For those who loved the Psychic Structures/Inner Critic work, this program will broaden and deepen your understanding of the inner critic and how to navigate its hypnotic powers.


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Michael Naylor, MEd, CCS, LADC, CPCC, is a faculty member of the Enneagram Institute in Stone Ridge, New York. He teaches Enneagram workshops in the United States and internationally.

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