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The Enneagram of the Virtues The Awakened Heart

Spiritual traditions recognize that the heart is the central location of genuine transformation. Indeed, when someone has truly made an important change in their life, we often say, “They had a change of heart.” But what is this change of heart? What exactly shifts in our emotional life, and how can we be more open to this transformation?

The Nine Passions of the Enneagram are a study of the particular symptoms and sources of suffering that cause us to habitually leave our presence and, thus, unwittingly abandon our hearts. As we notice these patterns and habits in ourselves, we find incredible inner resources for healing.

Join Russ Hudson to explore this “change of heart” from a deeply experiential perspective. Through meditations and teachings on each of the passions and virtues, specific exercises and movement work, music, and group sharing, you

  • Discover how the Nine Passions operate in your own life, as well how they point to a profound longing to be and to live your deepest truth
  • Contemplate each of the virtues as markers of rich, rewarding moments of your life
  • Learn how being present with yourself supports your heart, nourishing it to grow into its full flowering.

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Russ Hudson, president of Enneagram Personality Types, Inc., and cofounder of the Enneagram Institute, has been teaching professional trainings since 1991.

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