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An Evening of Continuum A Somatic Experience


Movement is something we are, not something we do.—Emilie Conrad 

Join Robin Becker, an expert teacher in contemplative movement and dance, for an evening of Continuum—a gentle and pleasurable movement practice exploring the fluid nature of your body. 

Through gentle frameworks of breath, sound, and simple movements you will  

  • Experience and embrace the many dimensions of your being  
  • Embark on a nourishing journey into the flow of renewal 
  • Access the creativity that always exists within yourself. 

Continuum teaches a process of accessing and moving with the graceful inner landscape of the body. As you deepen and increase your awareness of the unfolding river of movement within yourself, this experience becomes a reliable touchstone of presence, rest, and renewal.  

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Body and Self


Robin Becker, MA, RSME, RSMT, teacher, dancer, and founder of Robin Becker Dance, studied Continuum with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper and was selected to teach in 2001.

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