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Exploring the Inner Chambers of the Heart: Continuum, Mindfulness, and Osteopathy

For all levels.

Radical possibilities of health and well-being are available when you combine the fluid movement practices of Continuum and mindfulness meditation with the principles of osteopathy. Osteopathic physician Bonnie Gintis invites you to increase your awareness of internal experience through breath, sound, meditation, and movement, integrating these practices into daily life and cultivating a renewed devotion to self-care.

This program focuses on the personal, biological, and cosmic anatomies of the heart, using lectures, discussions, and visual presentations to accompany movement explorations. Bonnie offers a unique blend of scientific and medical information, poetry, and perceptual inquiry, all experienced through a lens of Continuum practice.

Slow down, turn inward, and cultivate deep listening, so you can care for yourself from a place of inner wisdom as you

  • Explore the dynamics of blood, lymph, and other fluid movements
  • Cultivate curiosity as a way to cope with uncertainty
  • Radically reimagine how you care for yourself
  • Discover your interconnectedness with others and nature.

Restore trust in the wisdom of your body as you step outside your preconceived notions and discover inner resources for resilience, adaptability, and change. Return home with the tools you need to access inner healing on your own.

Recommended reading Bonnie Gintis, Engaging the Movement of Life: Exploring Health and Embodiment through Osteopathy and Continuum.

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Bonnie Gintis, DO, has synthesized her self-care approach from her experience as an osteopathic physician, her fluid movement explorations with Continuum, and her meditation practice.

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