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Exploring Yin Taoist Meditation and Qigong for Women

For women; no experience needed.

Taoism contains an important tradition of female mastery that is inherent in its philosophy and practices. Women represent the cosmic force of yin, while men represent its yang counterpart. Together, these forces create the whole and keep each other in balance. The harmonious relationship between yin and yang is essential for good health and the stabilization of life-force energy, personally as well as in society. Women occupy a unique position in today’s world, stepping up and finding their voices and expression, strengthening yin in an overly yang world.

Whether you are new to Taoism or are a seasoned practitioner, join faculty from the historic Immortal Sisters Conference and learn

  • The ancient wisdom of Returning to the Tao
  • Ways to cultivate connection to your female nature
  • Qigong, tai chi, and meditation practices.

Return to your life grounded in yin and feeling renewed, refreshed, and strengthened.

Recommended reading Thomas Cleary, Immortal Sisters: Secret Teachings of Taoist Women.

“The best program I have ever attended. Good variety of inspiration, information, and connection. So wonderful to be with such an accomplished and capable group of women.” —Past program participant

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Sharon Smith, a certified senior instructor and Chi Nei Tsang practitioner in Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao, has practiced Taoist spiritual and healing arts for 40 years.

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Marie Favorito, founder and director of the Universal Tao Boston School of Taoist Practices, has more than 30 years of experience as a senior instructor of Universal Healing Tao.

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Jamee Culbertson is a senior instructor of Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao and a certified Alexander Technique practitioner.

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Rachel Santos, a trained Healing Tao instructor and tantra facilitator, brings ancient teachings to modern life with immense joy. hearton.life

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