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Find Your Voice and Stand Behind It

For women.

If you’re committed to living your highest potential, finding the voice of your deepest self and standing behind it is essential. If, like most women, you have experienced being silenced, you may have concluded that your voice and your wisdom are crazy, not important, illogical, or unnecessary. So you hedge, staying small and muted. Let’s change that! The world needs your voice, your light, and your feminine wisdom.

Discover how to emerge from the trance of silence and find the voice of your authentic self in a program that teaches you to

  • Uncover the message that your soul is here to express
  • Release limiting stories of self-doubt and shame
  • Step through fears of being visible by creating inner safety
  • Contact the stillness within, where you can hear your true voice
  • Map your Heroine’s Journey
  • Find your voice through the written word.

Known for creating a safe space where each person feels seen and heard, Nancy Swisher also has an ability to communicate big concepts about healing and consciousness in down-to-earth language.

Recommended reading Nancy Swisher, The Life That Woke Me Up Was My Own.

Note This program includes a Saturday evening session, which may limit your availability for other Kripalu events and Healing Arts services.

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Program at a Glance

Yoga Experience
Suitable For
Women Only
Program Theme
All Self-Discovery and Psychology


Nancy Swisher, MFA, a transformational coach, spiritual mentor, international workshop leader, and Inner Bonding facilitator, has been supporting women to heal, transform, and evolve in consciousness for more than 20 years.

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