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Free Your Mind, Ignite Your Heart, Awaken Your Life

For everyone.

What does it take to have a truly magnificent life? What needs to heal and awaken for this to happen? What is your soul’s purpose and how do you know if you’re fulfilling it? These are some of the crucial questions you explore in this weekend of traditional teachings, modern reflections, and heart-centered, no-nonsense teaching with David Harshada Wagner.

Through group sessions of powerful guided meditations and self-discovery exercises that make the material sink in deep, you explore

  • Five key mental factors that may block you from having a blessed and glorious life
  • Practical tools for finding and living your soul’s purpose
  • Dynamic, user-friendly, deep-impact meditation and self-healing practices that you can do at home.

Get ready to break through, heal, and live in a more liberated and magnificent way.

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David Harshada Wagner is a meditation teacher, spiritual leader, and author of Backbone: The Modern Man’s Ultimate Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power.

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