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Holiday Sound Healing Retreat An Inner Journey Through Gongs, Bowls, Kundalini Yoga, and Chants

For everyone.

Immerse yourself in vibration, listen deeply, and hear your inner voice as sound healing meets Kundalini Yoga. Crown of Eternity, the accomplished duo of Mike and Gallina Tamburo, opens a space for self-healing, contemplative listening, reflection, relaxation, and rejuvenation through the pulsations of multiple gongs, singing bowls, bells, tuned metal, sound massage, gentle movements, yoga, and mantra.​

This multifaceted sonic experience guides you into stillness and invites rich explorations of your inner landscape. The complex harmonics and sound oscillations move prana through the body and deliver a deep energetic reboot to the nervous system, allowing you to let go of all that is not supporting you. Give yourself the gift of healing for the new year—elevating your spirit, expanding your consciousness, and vibrating your true self.

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All levels
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Kundalini Yoga


Crown of Eternity is comprised of Mike and Gallina Tamburo, musicians, sound therapists, and yogis who deliver a vibrational, heart-centered experience.

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