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Hollow Bamboo Meditation Retreat

For all levels.

Transform your experience of meditation from struggle to comfort by focusing on your body as well as your mind. This retreat introduces three somatic principles that support meditation: the alignment of the upright spine, deep relaxation of the body, and allowing subtle motions throughout the body in response to breath. In this relaxed but supported posture, the body becomes—in the words of the 11th century Tibetan teacher Tilopa—like hollow bamboo through which the current of life force flows freely.

Will and Courtenay Johnson balance long hours of sitting with traditional walking meditation, spontaneous movement exercises, dynamic yoga, breathing practices, self-massage, and dream work. Whether you are a beginning or experienced meditator, this program offers a natural and relaxed way of sitting to catalyze and reinvigorate your practice.

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All levels
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All Spiritual Practice and Inquiry


Will Johnson, founder of the Institute for Embodiment Training, views the body as a doorway, not an obstacle, to evolutionary growth and spiritual opening.

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Courtenay Johnson is a dream therapist and one of the first Westerners to live and study with the primitive Senoi dream people of northern Malaysia.

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