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How To Create a Successful Practice Developing Samadhi


In this time of change, take the unique opportunity to dive deep into your practice. Join renowned author and yoga instructor, Rolf Gates, to study and develop your personal yoga and meditation practice. Rolf will guide you through the concept of samadhi, oneness: the key to understanding how yoga impacts your life beyond the physical benefits. 

From the perspective of a beginning practitioner, the term yoga—which means union—describes the goal sought through practice. We practice postures and meditation to harmonize our body and mind. Seen in this light, yoga is a spiritual path often broken down into the following eight stages as delineated by the sage Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras: 

  • Yama/restraint: Actions best avoided
  • Niyama/observance: Positive actions to cultivate
  • Asana/posture: Releasing tensions from the body
  • Pranayama/breath regulation: Harmonizing body, mind, and breath
  • Pratyahara/introversion: Withdrawing attention from external distractions
  • Dharana/concentration: Focusing the mind on a single point
  • Dhyana/meditation: Accessing a state of flow
  • Samadhi/oneness: Effortless, integrated being

This program teaches the three components of samadhi/oneness and how they can be brought into your practice and your life off the mat. 

Note This program was previously named Developing Samadhi For Success In your Practice.

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Rolf Gates, author of Daily Reflections on Addiction, Yoga, and Getting Well; Meditations from the Mat; and Meditations on Intention and Being, is a leading voice of in contemporary yoga.

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