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How to Stay Human in an Unjust World Mindfulness for Real Life

For everyone.

We often hear that practicing mindfulness can bring us more joy, peace, and productivity, and even help us look younger and live longer. But life isn’t always so rosy. With suicide rates and prescription drug abuse on the rise, and even exposure to negative news causing PTSD-like symptoms, people continue to report feeling disconnected, distracted, and depressed. How can we be more mindful in today’s world?

Author, professor, and psychotherapist, Tim Desmond—a student of Thich Nhat Hanh—offers a form of mindfulness practice for surviving the world we live in. In this highly engaging and interactive program, you

  • Explore Buddhist teachings and neuroscience and apply them to your daily life
  • Relearn how to listen to what’s truly alive inside yourself and let that guide you
  • Discover that you can care deeply about the suffering in yourself and the world, and be strengthened by it.

Return home with advice, strategies, and guidance that you can start using immediately to feel more connected, joyful, and present.

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Tim Desmond, LMFT, cofounder of Morning Sun Mindfulness Center, is an author, psychotherapist, meditation teacher, and longtime student of Thich Nhat Hanh.

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