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How Well-Being and Rest is a Form of Resistance


In a world that tells us rest is only acceptable after you give it your all, it is our responsibility to resist the idea that we need to push our body like a machine and carry our sleep deficit like a badge of honor. Join social justice activist, author, and accessible yoga teacher Dianne Bondy for an evening online program and see how much rest can do for your entire being and your life. Rest is also a form of social justice! 

Whether you are sleep-deprived or not, explore the what, why, and how of rest. You will learn

  • What forms of rest are there
  • Why we need rest
  • Why rest is a form of resistance
  • How can we bring more rest into our lives.

Leave with tips for how to set boundaries and get comfortable saying no more often. Rest resistance will get you to where you truly need—and deserve—to be. 

Note It's recommended that participants have a yoga mat, water or tea, and a notebook, and pen nearby.

Note You will have access to the video recording(s) for 30 days after the program ends. All recordings will be available within 72 hours of the end of each session. 

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July 1-4, 2022

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Dianne Bondy is a celebrated yoga teacher, social justice activist, spokesperson for diversity, and leading voice of the Yoga For All movement.

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