• February 3–8, 2019
  • Sunday–Friday: 5 nights

IFS and Shamanism for Healing Traumas and Personal Growth

For everyone.

Dive into the conscious and unconscious motivations that inform your views, thoughts, and behaviors, using the powerful tools of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and ancient shamanic practices. Psychotherapist Monique Lang teams up with Yachak Shaman Itzhak Beery for an intensive program focused on finding your authentic life purpose.

Monique and Itzhak believe we all came into this life with a unique, soul-selected life purpose. More than a philosophical idea, this purpose is a personal and pragmatic statement of life intent that can function as a daily compass. Knowing your life purpose gives you perspective on past events and current circumstances, and allows you to better direct your life toward your soul’s highest intentions.

Using meditation, psychotherapeutic techniques from IFS, shamanic journey to find your spirit guide/power animal, art work, dance, and ceremonies, this program awakens and aligns your dormant abilities, instilling your life journey with clarity and power. No previous experience in shamanism or psychotherapy is necessary for you to benefit from this deep work on behalf of yourself or your clients.

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Itzhak Beery was initiated as a shaman in two South American traditions. Author of The Gift of Shamanism, he teaches shamanic techniques and healing practices internationally.

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Monique Lang, LCSW, has trained extensively in many models of psychotherapy and mindfulness, providing her with a wealth of experience to help heal the whole person.

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