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Inner Body Activism Reclaiming Joy

This program is part of The Revolution Within: Women’s Week at Kripalu and cannot be taken as a standalone program. 

This program is for all womxn and embraces an intergenerational, multicultural, multiracial, non-partisan community. Join us for a week of solidarity as we recognize and remember that the most needed revolution is within. Download the schedule below to see the full women’s week lineup. Angela’s program is one of seven morning immersion programs. To be part of women’s week, book this program or choose one of the other morning programs. You'll also get to enjoy additional workshops and keynotes; healthy and delicious food; yoga; dance; and more at no additional cost.

As women, we are naturally drawn to caring for and helping others, and this exchange of energy often leaves us with a sense of fullness and joy. But with the speed and expectations of life today, it is easy to become stressed and exhausted. The balance of inner and outer gets lost, our energy drained.

One place we can go to for release and transformation lies deep within our body cells. Meditation, movement, and breath are essential in the process of owning our innate power to heal and so change from within what confronts us from the outside.

In this program, Angela Farmer helps you practice Inner Body Activism, which is when we act not from ideals, ideas, or words, but from an inner stability, understanding and compassion. Come unwind and find your way back to joy as you explore ways to

  • Recover balance
  • Discover the amazing power of simply being present
  • Uncover your real and grounded power—even in crisis 
  • Enjoy a natural state of meditation, peace, and great joy. Celebration becomes an expression of love and connectedness.

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Angela Farmer was one of B. K. S. Iyengar’s earliest students. Her journey for more than 40 years has been an internal one, inviting inner dialogue with the body and bringing feeling, movement, and freedom into yoga practice.

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