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Insight Yoga Retreat


Join Sarah Powers and Ty Powers, founders of the Insight Yoga Institute, as they share their unique approach to mindfulness, yoga, and pyschological inquiry. 

  • Mindfulness is an attitude we adopt in which we let go of all motivations to manipulate the moment and develop the capacity to observe without willful interference. 
  • Yoga is a set of behaviors that encourages a holistic experience of the body, heart, and mind—a process of fully inhabiting ourselves. 
  • Psychological inquiry, in receptive states of body-mind awareness, allows us to capture and refine insights into ourselves and our relationships. 

When you include all three elements in your practice on a regular basis, you learn to more easily come home to your direct experience in a creative and fresh way. 

Open to a greater capacity for emotional maturity and open awareness as Sarah and Ty lead you through mindfulness meditations and passive yin poses balanced with a slow, alignment-based flowReturn home with a clarity of mind and ease of being that leaves you feeling refreshed and inwardly connected.

Note A prior understanding of both yin yoga and mindfulness meditation is recommended. Participants are encouraged to have a minimum of one year of yoga experience.

Recommended reading Sarah Powers, Insight Yoga

“I learned to relax into being me, just as I am, and to lean into time in my own company without needing to prop or to fix anything.” —Allie C.

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Daily Yoga & Meditation Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to More Than 100 Acres

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Min 1 year
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Sarah Powers is the author of Insight Yoga and founder of the Insight Yoga Institute, which blends yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and transpersonal psychology into an integral practice to enliven body, heart, and mind.

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Ty Powers, cofounder of the Insight Yoga Institute with his wife, Sarah Powers, has been practicing Dzogchen Buddhism for more than 20 years.

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