On Campus Program

An Introduction to Spiritual Healing Constellations Movements of the Spirit Mind


Join spiritual guide and healer Ron Young for an opportunity to enter into the wisdom mind and compassion heart of the Greater Spiritual Field of Life and Its Medicine of Spirit. This introduction to the Spirit Mind Wisdom Healing Constellations is offered to spiritual researchers and healers of all traditions and practices.

With trust to follow what is offered from within the Greater Heart Seat, we are each empowered to receive its fulfillment as the embrace of compassionate spiritual healing, regeneration, and reorganization from within. All who are called are welcomed.

Note If you decide to book a Healing Arts session during your stay, please be mindful that this program contains evening sessions.

by Ron Young

When your Mother and Father  
Have given to you everything  
And you have taken all of the nourishment  
Offered at the great banquet  
Without interpretation 
Including every stale and moldy crumb  
Left forgotten under the table 
As one starved for salvation  
Your life will begin  
Now you are free to go to be with Him  
In the desert and on the mountain  
Naked in your cloth of reeds  
Eating locust and wild honey  
And when you baptize them in Her name 
Fire Will Descend  
For only now can GOD BE GOD  
Without interpretation 

Without needing to fill the holes  
Of your wounded humanity  
With the imagined sweetness  
Of what never arrived 

Included in Your Stay

Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds


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All Spiritual Practice and Inquiry


Ron Young is a spiritual guide, healer, and creative visionary whose work is the product of a lifetime of investigation into the nature of reality and thousands of hours of guided spiritual development.

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