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Kripalu Approach to Bodywork Level 1

For therapists certified by any massage school.

Are you a massage therapist who loves yoga? Learn to bring the deep meditative state that comes from a great yoga session into your massage practice, for yourself and for your clients. This training explores how all aspects of yoga—including postures, breath, and meditation—are relevant to bodyworkers, as self-care practices and as tools for working with clients.

Gain a solid foundation in Kripalu Meditative Massage, which cultivates deep relaxation and brings the mind to a place of inner stillness, helping your clients connect to the intuitive wisdom of their own being. You learn specific massage techniques as well as intentional touch, compassionate presence, and integrated energy holds. Discover how the core Kripalu philosophy of meditation-in-motion applied to bodywork nourishes mind, body, and spirit at a whole new level.

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Lee Albert, NMT, creator of Integrated Positional Therapy, is an author and a neuromuscular therapist and yoga instructor trained in orthopedic massage, positional therapy, and yoga therapy.

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Johanna Wise, LMT, RYT, is a massage therapist at Kripalu who is passionate about sharing the ways in which yoga and bodywork reconnect people to their...

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