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Learning to See for Thriving and Surviving

For all levels.

This inspirational program draws upon psychological, neurophysiological, and spiritual aspects of vision in order to improve and expand our sense of sight. Our approach is eco-psychological in nature and aimed at both personal and planetary benefits.

Visual experience informs and shapes our every move, and visual symptoms provide valuable insight into one’s wellness and true nature. Yet how we see is often taken for granted and unnecessarily limited by our perceptual habits and assumptions.

Beginning with an invitation to become more receptive, we further invite you to

  • Cultivate the skills of attention
  • See through habitual projections and illusions
  • See into the patterned and deeply relational world
  • Inspire and restore yourself with light, and with the natural beauty of the world.

Join us in tuning our vision for the pleasure and wonder offered by heightened sensory experience—and for seeing more of a relational world that needs our full attention, and full perceptual gifts and capacities.

“This workshop with Dr. Grossman has changed my entire understanding of perception and how to see. The take-home exercises, like rolling my eyes and taking off my glasses to look at the trees, are just what I needed.”—Lauz L.

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Marc Grossman, a developmental behavioral optometrist for more than 35 years, is also a licensed acupuncturist and coauthor of Greater Vision.

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Laura Sewall, PhD, earned her doctorate in visual science from Brown University and is the author of Sight and Sensibility: The Ecopsychology of Perception.

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