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Living the Evolutionary Life

For everyone.

Follow in the footsteps of the Buddha, and shape a life focused on evolution and understanding. Shakyamuni Buddha was every bit the scientist, going beyond the spiritual dogmas of his day to discover and fully comprehend the true nature of reality. That reality included the knowledge that we, too, are capable of such understanding.

This program with one of the foremost scholars of Tibetan Buddhism explores the Buddha’s pioneering discoveries and the path of “super-education” that he set forth, based on scientific inquiry into the nature of the self, the world, the mind, and the brain. As we travel toward death and beyond, the path of the Buddha gives us vital information for bringing the full force of our effort and intelligence to each moment, and to the journey as a whole.

Recommended reading Robert Thurman, Infinite Life: Awakening the Bliss Within.

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Robert Thurman, PhD, is an authority on spirituality, mind science, philosophy, and Tibetan Buddhism. His latest book is Love Your Enemies, co-written with Sharon Salzberg.

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