• September 20–22, 2019
  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights

The Meditating Brain

For all levels.

A well-rounded approach to meditation explores how it affects both mind and body. With modern bio-sensing technology, it’s possible to see what happens in your own brain while practicing meditation.

Come experience a simple style of meditation, learn about cutting-edge research on how meditation affects the brain, and hook up to an EEG headset for some fun experiments.

This program includes

  • Instruction in focused and open-awareness meditation
  • An introduction to the cognitive neuroscience of meditation
  • Live demonstrations of EEG and other biodata during meditation
  • Participation in experiments exploring meditation and brain rhythms
  • Current topics in the field of cognitive neuroscience such as learning, neuroplasticity, and neurofeedback.

In a program where ancient practices meet new scientific findings, discover how your brain changes when you focus and when you flow in meditation.

Program at a Glance

Yoga Experience
All levels
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All Self-Discovery and Psychology


Steven Leonard is a faculty member for the Kripalu School of Yoga and a lead instructor for the Instinctive Meditation Teacher Training program.

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Andrew Heusser is a cognitive neuroscientist with expertise in brain rhythms and human learning, a postdoctoral fellow at Dartmouth College, and a meditation enthusiast.

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