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Meditation Pure, Simple, Direct

For all levels.

Meditation invites you to step through the door of the known and awaken to your essential nature in this and every moment. Awaken to what is beautiful, undeniable, and ever-present around and within you. Here, searching ends; fear, suffering, and anxiety dissolve; and you discover unshakable peace, love, and joy, no matter your circumstances. This is the realization of enlightenment in daily life.

Richard Miller engages the teachings of nondual yoga through periods of silent and guided meditation, gentle body movement, breath sensing, co-meditation, self-inquiry, interactive dialogue, and direct instruction. These wisdom teachings impart deep relaxation while revealing nondual presence as the mystery of being and pure awareness. Here, you find yourself and the world at peace.

Recommended listening As an orientation to the retreat, you might wish to listen to a talk by Richard Miller on the nature of nondual being: download here.

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Richard Miller, PhD, author of iRest Meditation and Yoga Nidra, is an internationally recognized teacher of nondual yogic meditation and its integration into daily living.

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