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Meditation in Stillness, Meditation in Action

For everyone.

Meditation in stillness teaches us to control attention and access the gap between thoughts, heighten nonconceptual awareness, and find peace and presence. But what’s next? How do we bring this calm, centered state into all aspects of life?

Come explore other forms of meditation—seated, standing, moving, and partnered—to enhance body-mind-spirit integration and whole-brain coherence. If the thought of meditation brings to mind previous failed attempts or endless discomfort, don’t worry, this is not that kind of meditation.

Rick Barrett’s approach is fun and easy to learn. He distills his 40 years of experience in tai chi and qigong to present simple, effect techniques that can immediately change your overall feeling of wholeness and well-being. Come learn

  • Ways to balance the autonomic nervous system
  • How meditation in action can make you more effective in life
  • Partnered exercises to establish presence as a basis for engaging with others.

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Rick Barrett, a national and international champion in tai chi push hands, has practiced Chinese internal martial arts and energy healing for 40 years.

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