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Meditation Weekend

For everyone.

This meditation retreat is open to all who are called, and those who have dived deeply into the yogic practices of asana and pranayama. With time, these practices generate a radical restructuring, regeneration, and realignment of the spiritual, noetic, psychical, and material bodies of the spiritual-human field. This restructuring is not achieved solely through your own effort. In addition, and most importantly, in the inner yogic traditions there is a magnified, corresponding response and grace opening through the creative intelligence of Sacred Mother and Cosmic Father within.

The inner work reveals our spiritual nature as the compassion-wisdom heart/mind from which we each emanate, opening us beyond form and concept into the vastness of our nature. With this opening, the greater challenge of this work is the willingness to enter into the service of life, which is to serve everything. This service is a surrendered offering of the fullness of our nature through both inner presence and outer action.

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Ron Young is a spiritual guide, healer, and creative visionary whose work is the product of a lifetime of investigation into the nature of reality and thousands of hours of guided spiritual development.

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