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Merging with the Great Mystery Gentle Depth Practice

For all levels.

Swami Kripalu said: “If there is no meditation, there is no yoga.” The deeper, meditative states of yoga are available when energy is stimulated and the mind becomes calm. Gentle Depth Practice opens the energy channels, stimulates the flow of life force, and stills the mind, so the sense of separation and duality can begin to dissolve. When you practice in this way, each moment becomes an adventure that you approach with curiosity and wonder.

Rudy Peirce invites you to

  • Find a new sense of freedom in your practice
  • Anchor regular personal practice with a plan for successful commitment
  • Return home with a list of everyday practices that bring you back into the present moment.

You merge into profound meditative focus when you approach asana in a smooth, accessible, gentle yoga style.

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