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MindBody Medicine for Health Professionals Ending Pain, Fatigue, and Autoimmune Illness

For health and wellness professionals and the general public.

Medical science shows that thoughts and emotions affect every level of the physical body, including DNA expression. Addressing illness at this level allows the body to easily reduce pain, fatigue, weight gain, digestive disease, autoimmune illnesses, and even cancer.

Osteopathic physician Kim D’Eramo shares how health professionals can assist people to open to the wisdom of the body and access healing from within. Explore MindBody Medicine techniques including EFT meridian tapping, HeartMath, and other modalities designed to release the mental and emotional patterns that keep illness in place.

Learn how to

  • Activate self-healing for yourself and your clients
  • Get out of fight-or-flight so that you easily assist others
  • Identify and remove the root causes of illness and pain
  • Instantly increase energy using MindBody Medicine
  • Avoid burnout and grow your practice.

Recommended reading Kim D’Eramo, DO, The MindBody Toolkit.

Note This program is appropriate for clinicians as well as the general public, and will incorporate guidelines for use in clinical practice.

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Kim D’Eramo, DO, is a physician, best-selling author of The MindBody Toolkit, and founder of the American Institution of MindBody Medicine.

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