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The Monkey Is the Messenger What Your Busy Mind Is Trying to Tell You

For everyone.

Embark on a deep and enlightening journey into self-love that offers new clarity and tools for becoming your own healer. In this program, Ralph De La Rosa introduces insights and evidence-based processes for engaging with your whole self and uncovering the wisdom that lies behind all neurosis. Blending meditation, neuroscience, Tibetan Buddhism, evolutionary psychology, psychoanalysis, and Internal Family Systems therapy, he teaches you how to

  • Settle the mind and go deeper in meditation with somatic mindfulness and easy breathwork techniques
  • Understand and compassionately resolve difficult emotions
  • Rest and restore your nervous system in a safe and supportive environment.

Through lively talks and discussion periods, Ralph shows how the noise of the mind follows repetitive patterns. There are specific emotions we experience again and again; patterns in our behaviors and relationships that repeat themselves. We tend to meet these patterns with disdain, viewing them as obstacles that don’t serve our higher purpose.

Yet, the self is an ecosystem in which all parts act in service to the whole. This program offers ways to relate to difficult parts of ourselves, bringing about surprising transformations and opening new avenues for joy and compassion.

“Ralph showed me that I am able to feel free, and feel ecstatic joy, even while processing revelatory and intense emotions and ideas. He creates the perfect safe space so that you not only wholly trust him, but most importantly, you trust yourself and your breath to guide you through.” —Past program participant

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Ralph De La Rosa is a psychotherapist in private practice specializing in trauma-focused work, a seasoned meditation instructor, and author of The Monkey is a Messenger.

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