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More to Love Yoga Awaken Your Body to Love

For larger-bodied people with any experience in yoga, including beginners.

Flip the script and cultivate self-love, no matter your size. Join Kripalu Yoga teacher Rachel Estapa for a celebration of bodies often left out of mainstream yoga. Tailored to plus-size people, Rachel’s More to Love Yoga® method focuses on how to make yoga comfortable and blissful for bigger bodies, offering transformative experiences to enhance your wellness. Savor the nonintimidating nature of this empowering practice as you gather with others who share similar body types, stories, and desires for lasting body-love.

Shaped by More to Love Yoga’s Four Keys of Wellness—body, mentality, heart, and essence—this program guides you through a multitiered approach to well-being. Each session highlights one of these keys, weaving in yoga, movement, personal reflection, and group discussion. This approach provides variety, as well as concrete takeaways, making space for personal insight and ownership of your life.

“The depth of yoga seems to evaporate years of shame and conditioning that the body is not meant to experience or enjoy. And, for those who have considered weight to be the great mountain to overcome, yoga offers a compassionate pathway through the mountain, a guide to discover what treasures lie within, not obstacles blocking the way.” — Rachel Estapa
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Rachel Estapa, RYT 200, founder and CEO of More to Love Yoga®, is a Kripalu Yoga teacher and ICF-accredited wellness coach specializing in plus-sized yoga, health, and wellness.

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