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Mythical Vinyasa Immersion

For all levels.

Take a spirited voyage through the myths behind yoga poses. Kelly Kamm’s powerful combination of yoga practice, storytelling, mudra, and mantra lights your way to self-awakening and joy. Each session of this program begins with a mythical tale followed by an all-levels vinyasa class in which the themes of the myth are woven throughout. The program includes mudras (yoga for your hands) with each story that inspire elevated states of consciousness and mantras sung in call-and-response (kirtan) style.

Myths are like mirrors that meet you right where you are in life, guiding you through difficult moments with more grace and ease. Throughout this program, Kelly shares the stories of Ganesha, Hanuman, Lakshmi, and Saraswati so you can learn more about yourself along the way.

As Joseph Campbell said, the first function of myth is to help you realize “what a wonder the universe is, what a wonder you are, and to experience awe before this mystery.” Come if you are feeling stuck, come if you need inspiration, come if you like artful yoga sequencing, or come if you just love stories!

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Kelly Kamm makes yoga philosophy relatable, combining the power of movement, music, and myth to help others move through life transitions with ease.

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