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Navigating the Storm Finding Peace and Purpose in Uncertain Times

For everyone.

Explore new ways to live authentically, release negative behavior patterns, and go deeper into yourself to experience a never-ending source of comfort and compassion. Find peace and purpose in a program that teaches you how to

  • Bring the energy of stillness into your “real world” life
  • Release the “tameness” of socialization that holds you back from living freely
  • Find your wild self, the one who has always been guiding you toward your optimal life path
  • Tap into limitless resources of power, creativity, and joy
  • Use your wild mind to invent unprecedented solutions to the practical problems in your current life situation.

Return home ready to navigate uncharted territory by bringing the skills and tools you learn here into every aspect of your life.

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Martha Beck, PhD, is an internationally renowned life coach and author. Her latest book is Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening.

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